In this section, find up-to-date information the eligibility criteria for the BADBIR study. If ever in doubt over a patients eligibility, please contact the BADBIR office for advice.

Baseline & Follow-up Information

This section contains both baseline & follow-up CRFs and questionnaires for download. This includes the forms required for paediatric recruitment.

Adverse Events Information

In this section you can read about how BADBIR defines an adverse event, how to determine whether an event is serious and how to deal with events of special interest (ESI). You can also download ESI forms for these events where little more information is required.

Study Information

This is the information hub for the BADBIR study. From here, read about how we use your data as a user of the BADBIR database, learn useful tips for entering follow-up data, and find out more about how BADBIR works.

Conducting BADBIR Remotely

Find guidance on recruitment, consent and follow-up, conducted remotely, including information on the BADBIR Amendment 12.