Average Daily Dose Information

What is the average daily dose?

The average daily dose is a simple way for us to collect drug dose information for treatments which can have differing doses in the morning and evening, or day to day. By taking an average it becomes much simpler to manage on the database, and means it's easily comparable across patients and treatments.

Average daily dose screenshot

Pictured: an example entry of fumaric acid esters with 100mg average daily dose entered in place of 50mg morning/50mg evening.

What's the difference between once daily and average daily dose?

Once daily indicates a single dose of a treatment taken that day, whereas the average daily dose represents multiple doses taken throughout the day or across multiple days as a single dose amount.

Which drugs do we collect the average daily dose for?

We collect average daily dose information for fumaric acid esters and ciclosporin.

How do I work out the average daily dose to enter it?

To work out the average daily dose for a patient taking differing doses during the day (e.g. a morning and evening dose), add them together:

50mg in the morning, 100mg in the evening = 150mg average daily dose

To work out the average daily dose for a patient taking differing doses across multiple days (e.g. 50mg one day, 100mg the next, repeating), add them together and divide by the number of days:

50mg one day, 100mg the next day = 150mg / 2 days = 75mg average daily dose

More information

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