Centre of the month

February 2023

Aneurin Bevan Health Board was selected for their continued efforts for keeping their patient follow-ups up to date.

Aneurin Bevan is our centre of the month for February 2023

Rina Mardania (Clinical Research Officer), Clare Westacott (Research Nurse)

A message from Aneurin Bevan:

I feel, the reason BADBIR has been a success at ABUHB is due to open communication and mutual trust throughout our team. This is key to ensure we have a shared vision and are working towards the same goal.

We have created and maintained a collaborative relationship with all members of our dermatology team and this has been instrumental in making sure that all data is clearly documeted at each patient follow up. This ensures that every follow-up conducted is completed accurately, and in a timely manner.

Keeping a BADBIR follow-up tracker, checklist and setting up regular study meetings, has been key to promoting the smooth running of the study.

Rina Mardania, Clinical Research Officer

January 2023

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital was selected for their continued hard work on following up BADBIR participants.

Norfolk and Norwich is our centre of the month for January 2023

Prof Nick Levell, Dr Priya Patel, Dr Aga Latin and Research Nurse Catherine Wright

A message from Norwich:

In Norwich we are fortunate in having a cohesive team of doctors and nurses who support clinical research and all help with recruitment. Dr Aga Lapin and before her Priya Patel have worked hard with Catherine Wright, dermatology research nurse, in identifying missing data over the last year or so, to get the records well up to date.

The centre of the month award is a real morale boost for our whole team. Thank you.

Prof Nick Levell, Consultant Dermatologist

December 2022

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust was selected for their continued hard work on following up BADBIR participants.

Portsmouth is our centre of the month for December 2022

Emily Rolfe (Clinical Trials Assistant), Dr Eleanor Clarke (Dermatology Fellow), Dr Alexa Shipman (Dermatology Consultant)

A message from Portsmouth:

We feel that BADBIR works well here at Portsmouth as it is embedded into the clinical service. With potential new patients and follow-ups highlighted on clinic lists to our clinical colleagues and our psoriasis nurses, who see many of the patients. All of whom recruit patients.

On a weekly basis we look at upcoming patients and review the follow ups and queries on the database so as to keep the data as up to date as possible. We have dedicated time from a clinical trials assistant purely for BADBIR data collection, a research fellow to assist and some research nurse time.

Jonathan Winter, Specialist Research Nurse

November 2022

University Hospitals of North Midlands have been chosen as centre of the month for their hard work in clearing the backlog of outstanding follow-ups.

North Midlands is our centre of the month for November 2022

Kelly Smith, Mia Marsden, Nenette Abano and Simone Locker

A message from North Midlands:

Helpful hints and tips:

  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Training
  • Accuracy
  • Reviewing positive outcomes

As newcomers to the research department Simone and I accepted the challenge to deliver BADBIR here at the UHNM. We feel passionate about delivering an accurate account of the patient outcomes and ensuring that the suitable patients are successfully protected and cared for on their bespoke pathway.

Having a good team is essential; support is always there for us in the background whenever we require it from Mia and Nenette. Methodical, reporting and good GCP is at the forefront of their input into the BADBIR study.

Successful delivery of the study would not be possible without clear and open communication not only between patients but the whole team. Good communication between the sponsor/BADBIR has enabled us to deliver this protocol well.

Kelly Smith, Research Nursing Assistant

October 2022

NHS Ayrshire & Arran was selected for their continued hard work on following up BADBIR participants

Ayrshire is our centre of the month for October 2022

Alison Love (Senior Nurse Practitioner), Julie Alexander (Nurse practitioner), Yvonne Murray (Deputy Charge Nurse), Marie McLeod (Nursing Assistant), and Alex Waters (Consultant and Principal Investigator)

A message from Ayrshire:

Our team understands the importance of the BADBIR project, and we have strived to regularly update the database with accurate and complete information. This was particularly challenging with reduced staffing during the earlier part of the Covid pandemic, but that situation has thankfully improved. We have well-run nurse-led biologic monitoring clinics at which the necessary information is collected in a timely manner. Having clear and concise documentation is key and greatly facilitates the input of data. We are grateful to be selected as BADBIR centre of the month, and we appreciate the recognition of our work.

Alex Waters, Consultant and Principal Investigator

September 2022

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Aintree) was selected as they have worked hard to clear their backlog of outstanding follow-ups

Liverpool Aintree is our centre of the month for September 2022

A message from Aintree:

The team at the Aintree site of Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust would like to say thank you for being nominated for the BADBIR team of the month. It has been a combined effort by the team to get all the outstanding visits and data collection up to date after the recent pressures due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The research nurses/practitioners Kate Fenlon, Michelle Linforth and James Pratt have worked hard to complete all the outstanding visits and queries with the much-needed help of Kerry Williams, our Clinical Research Associate, who is always happy to help and often at short notice. Maureen Flinn, Dermatology specialist nurse, who has worked on the study for 12 years, has been a great help to the research nurses with her knowledge and willingness to help when there are any queries.

Dr Arun Bharati, Principal Investigator

August 2022

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust was selected as they are working hard to tackle their overdue follow-ups

Royal Free London is our centre of the month for August 2022

Research Nurse Ruth Staunton, Research Nurse Richard Horne, Consultant Dermatologist Sandy McBride

A message from Royal Free:

The success of BADBIR at our site is down to teamwork. Our Dermatology Consultant Sandy McBride along with the other Consultants are very involved with BADBIR and ensure that all the information I need is documented in the hospital notes. Our Health Care Assistant in Clinic Margret Cummings is incredibly helpful when it comes to gathering the observations and ensuring correct questionnaires are given out to the BADBIR patients.

Richard Horne, Research Nurse

July 2022

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Broadgreen Hospital Liverpool) was selected for their huge effort to clear their outstanding follow-up backlog, built up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Broadgreen Hospital is our centre of the month for July 2022

A message from Broadgreen:

We were happy to hear that all the work we had done trying to get the BADBIR database up to date at Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool had been recognised, and it's great to be awarded team of the month! We are a very small team, Dr Parslew is PI and Jean Roberts and Sarah Aldwinckle are the Research Nurses.

The database had hundreds of patient follow-ups outstanding after not working on BADBIR during COVID redeployment, as well as many queries and ESIs. After many weeks of working through the database, one patient follow-up at a time, we have managed to get back on track. We completed patient follow-ups in clinic, but we have also called patients at home.

Hopefully over the next few months we can focus on improving our recruitment rate.

Sarah Aldwinckle, Dermatology Research Nurse

June 2022

Wye Valley was selected for their excellent follow-up completion.

Wye Valley is our centre of the month for June 2022

A message from Wye Valley:

Two years ago we struggled to keep the BADBIR database up to date. A system was devised whereby all the information that the Clinical Trials Team need is contained within the patient's clinic letter. Patients are tracked by the Clinical Trials Team on the BADBIR website so that they are aware of when patients' appointments should be. There is close liaison with our Lead Inflammatory Specialist nurse who sees many of the BADBIR follow up patients and also provides a link with the Clinical Team.

The Clinical Team have worked hard to keep on top of BADBIR and Inflammatory patient follow ups during the pandemic. There are regular meetings between members of the Clinical and Clinical Trials Team to ensure that the BADBIR runs smoothly.

We are very proud and grateful to be named BADBIR centre of the month!

Vicky Diba, Consultant Dermatologist