Study Payments

BADBIR centre finance

All dermatology departments contributing data to BADBIR receive payments of £120 per baseline registration, £30 per entry of follow-ups 1-6, and £15 per entry of follow-up 7 onwards.

We have two Payment Periods each year where payments are made to centres. This covers data entry for the two periods below:

  • 1st of February to 31st of July
  • 1st of August to 31st of January

At the end of each payment period we will run a report which details all of the registrations and follow-ups that have been entered for that period, along with highlighting any missing data which would prevent a record being paid for. This report is called the Payment & Recruitment Statement and will be sent out to all registered database users at the centre with a 3 week deadline to provide any missing data. Any missing information can be provided by either checking the database for the query and entering the missing data, or alternatively, you can email or phone the BADBIR office as it may not be showing as a database query yet if the record is still in the 21 day edit window.

  • Please note this initial email should not be forwarded to your finance department for invoicing even if all looks correct on your Payment & Recruitment Statement; we cannot process any invoices received at this stage.

The Payment & Recruitment Statement will then be rerun approximately two weeks later which will give you an update on any missing data and also so that you can check that any information provided has now been entered correctly.

At the end of the 3 week deadline the reports will be finalised and the payment due to your centre calculated. We will then send a purchase order to your nominated finance contact requesting they invoice us for your payment. It is important to wait for the purchase order to be received before invoicing as the University of Manchester will not pay any invoice received without a corresponding purchase order number.

If you have any questions on any part of this process, please contact our finance administrator, Adele Moores, via email or on 0161 306 1908.